Spring / Summer SDL 2021

Premier League
Match progress 72%
Division I
Match progress 100%
Division II
Match progress 100%

Social Distance League (SDL)


League Type: Combined Men’s and Women’s Individual Round Robin League (Skill Level)


  • Early registration to players from 2020 season is now complete.
  • Open registration for all members is now open.
  • Registration closes April 3rd

Limitation: 36 players (Division II could have 12 players based on registrations).


Three Divisions: 

  • Premier
  • Division I
  • Division II

Division Level Determination: Player Skill Level with League Committee Approval for Divisions I and II


Event Start Date

July 31st, 2021 (last day to complete matches).

Playoffs to be announced


Where to Play: Match can be played anywhere, and at any time coordinated by the group.

When to Play: Anytime, anywhere, most importantly, complete all your games within the leagues time frame.

Recording Match Play:

  • Foursome to keep track of the winners and the scores of each of the 3 games.
  • Designated Group Lead will communicate the match outcomes using the Match Score Report link
  • The league administrators will keep the results updated (Monday and Thursday), accessible on the website at any time.

Playoffs: The top 8 players in each division for a one day, one event playoff.

Cost: Members $30 Non-Members / $60 (includes club membership fee)


Payment options:

Online using Sign Up genius. Click on the link next to the division your name is under.

Premier Division

  • Top 12 players from 2020 season will keep Premier status.
  • Bottom 4 players from regular season will be demoted to Division I

Division I

  • Top 4 players from from former “lower division” have a guaranteed spot in Division I
  • Remaining 12 spots will be distributed based on “first come, first serve basis”, Club’s tournament results and by League’s executive team decision.
  • Top 4 players at the end of regular season will earn a spot in the Premier League.
  • Bottom 4 players at the end of regular season will be demoted to Division II.

Division II

  • Placement in division II will be based on Club’s tournament results and league’s executive team decision.
  • Top 4 players from the regular season will win a promotion to Division I.
As the first name in the match pairings, left to right, you are responsible for coordinating and scheduling the match, as well as posting the scores for each of the three games.  Though please know that anyone in the match pairing can take the lead and make it happen.  Here are a few tips regarding scheduling your match:
  1. Use WhatsApp: (Best option)
    1. You can easily create a “New Group” at the upper right hand side of the app on your phone.
    2. Select “New Group”, then add participants by selecting the names down the list that are in your match.  Then select “Next,” which will take you to the “New Group” screen.
    3. Label the Group subject with the Round #, then the Match #.  (ie:  Round 2, Match A5). Then select “Create,” which will take you to the normal WhatsApp message screen.
    4. Send a message to the new group about scheduling the match, and selecting a day, time, and place for starters.
    5. If you are a recipient of that message, and you can’t make the day and time suggested, offer a day and time that DOES work for you, to keep the scheduling effort moving forward.  This is important.  It lets the group know when you are available, and they can can check their schedules from there.  If everyone keeps doing the same thing, you’ll get to an agreed date, time, and place quickly.
  2. Use Email:  (Next best option)
    1. Not everyone lives in front of their email, but using email, you can put the Round # and Match # in the email subject line, and like What’sApp, you can easily see which Match is being coordinated, as well as the players that are in the Match.
  3. Open Play Scenarios:  (Next best option)
    1. Keep a printed match schedule in your pickleball bag, or be able to easily access the MPC website on your phone.
    2. When you are out on the courts in open play, and you realize that there are people playing that you can schedule a match with, you can work it out so that you get your match on that day while you are out and already playing.  This would need to be agreeable by everyone that’s out there at that particular time.
  4. Use a Group Text:  (Least best option)
    1. A lot of people prefer texting over email, which is fine.  But the downside to using text, is the fact that:
      1. You can’t label the text with a Round # and Match #.
      2. You have to make sure you have everyone’s name in your contacts on your phone.  Otherwise you just see a phone number in the group communication, and you are not sure who it is.
  5. Please don’t use the larger groups on WhatsApp, where EVERYONE would see your efforts of coordinating a small group.
You have roughly 8 weeks to get all of your matches in.  For those in the 12 person divisions that are playing 22 matches, that’s roughly 3 matches per week, so please be vigilant and tenacious about making it happen.
If you are having trouble with any individual with regards of scheduling, please let the SDL committee know so that we can help.