Social Distance League

The Social Distance League was created for the enjoyment of fellow pickleball players to compete with their peers within the club.

The Social Distance League was created to rank our players by skill level against their fellow peers. The ranking will hopefully spur player to improve their pickleball skills and abilities.

SDL consists of 3 different league levels.

Premier (12 players)

Division I (16 players)

Division II (8 players)

The season:

The season will allow players 12 weeks to complete all their games. Games can be played in any order, any day and at any location.

SDL will consists of two seasons:

Spring / Summer

Summer / Fall


Players who were part of the previous season will have priority access to early registration. 


Premier league is a “must earn your spot” format. Any new player coming into the league will be placed in Division I or Division II and must meet position requirements before moving on to a higher level league.

For new players, the league executive committee will have last word on seeding for players based on their last participation in a club tournament.

All Regular Pickleball rules apply.


  • Three games per match.
  • Games to 11, win by two.
  • Court change every game, 3rd game change at 6 points.
  • First name on the list will be in charge of scheduling and reporting the score (it is ok for another player from the match to initiate the scheduling).


  • Dura Fast 40 for outdoors.
  •  Onix for Indoors
  • Players involved in the match can choose which ball to use, there must be a consensus.


Contact us at with any questions