Sadie Hawkins

Congrats to our champions!

This event was really great and well organized. Ground rules with side and serve first instructions were spot on. Time before first round for warm ups was just right. Loved location, predetermined courts and schedule, and flow of the day. Ball color and Brand best for indoors. Two minor changes. Lilac floor tape was hard to see; Blue or Green next time? Also, could use a couple more small clipboards to have next round ready to go. All in all a great success!! Jeff
Randy’s tech prep and magic were super addition. Sign him up! Jeff
Good job on this fun tourney!! Thank you to all who made it happen!! Congrats to Rick Ryan Jeff and Tania! Randy great spread sheets well done!! I agree with Jeff that the lilac tape was hard to see but that’s an easy fix!! Much better facility then Marysville Boys N Girls club! Debbie