Dear Members, guests and Friends: As you know your Board and Officers have been working hard on your behalf. Some of those meetings have included the City of Marysville, the Marysville Parks/Rec Dept., and of course the Marysville School District. Through meeting with the City we have been invited to give a short update on the state of Pickleball in the Marysville community. We will be attending and speaking to the Marysville City Council on Monday, Feb 24th, at 7:00pm.  These meetings are open to the public and held at City Hall on State Ave. in Marysville. We would like to invite all our members, and friends to attend that meeting to show your support. I will introduce Doug who will have a few slides to show, and will only have about 5:00 minutes. Please attend if possible, and wear your Club shirts or hoodies. Thank you in advance for your continued support!! See you at City Council!