MPC Cup Format

Start time: 9:00 am (for all groups)

Location: TBD

Please show up at 8:30 for warm up and team assignment.


  • Each team consists of 4 randomly select players (2 men and 2 women).
  • Team names will be chosen by drawing a card (Ace picks first, 7 picks last).

Game format:

  • Round Robin format
  • Rounds 1-5 will consist of 3 games per match (M / W / MX)
  • Round 6 match will consist of 4 games (M / W / MX / MX)
  • Each game is first to 11 win by 1

Special Rules:

  • An * next to the team’s name indicates the team can choose side of the court they would like to take.
  • The other team can choose to serve or receive.
  • Second game teams will switch.


Team #1* vs Team #2

Game 1 – Team #1 chooses north side, Team #2 chooses to serve.

Game 2 – Team #1 will serve and Team #2 will play on the north side.

Game 3 – Same as game 1.

  • Since there is only one Mixed game per match from Round 1 to Round 5, mixed teams must have a different pairing of a man and women every round.


Round 1 Mixed Match

Man 1 – Woman 1 vs TBD

Round 2 Mixed Match

Man 2 – Woman 2

Round 3 Mixed Match can reset partners, order, etc


Score Reporting:

  • As soon as the Match is complete, please fill out score sheet and bring to tournament director desk.
  • Follow the standings, match results and schedules using the web address or QR code found on the other page.
  • Single elimination bracket will be played after Round Robin is over

Any questions please email

Pablo Granados and Denise Gritton will be the tournaments Directors

If you still owe the $15 registration, please bring the money the day of the tournament.

Strawberry Fest will be happening during the tournament, parking will be limited

Honey Buckets will be available in the fair area across from the courts