Marysville Middle court reservation

COVID-19 Guidelines for Playing Pickleball at Marysville Middle School

  • Reservations are required to play, use signup genius to make reservations.
  • Must be a member of Marysville Pickleball Club to play, contact us at if you would like to join the club.
  • Pickleball  play is on a PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK basis.
  • Always follow CDC guidelines during this pandemic.
  • Failure to comply with these rules could result in the closure of the courts.
  • Only 5 players are allowed per court. 
  • It is highly recommended that you wear a face mask and a glove on your nonplaying hand.
  • Must wear mask when accessing storage container and handling portable nets at Pickleball courts.
  • Don’t come to the courts not feeling well or with fever.
  • Practice social distancing while engaged, waiting or observing play in and
    around court area.
  • Bring your own chair and don’t share seating either with your own chair or with the on-court chairs or benches.
  • Please, no handshakes, paddle bumps or physical contact between players.
  • Don’t pick up any wayward balls from any other court. Either kick them back or nudge them back with your paddle.
  • If you or family members have displayed any symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please stay home.
  • You will be required to create an account on SignUp Genius (SUG). Please remember to always use the same email address that you registered with Maryville Pickleball Club or the email where you received the invitation.
  • Each person must have their own, UNIQUE, email address to be accepted into the system.
  • Players must be a current Member of Marysville Pickleball Club to use the courts during our reserved time slots. Sorry, guests are not allowed at this time.
  • You can sign up using our website or with the Signup Genius App.
  • You can reserve more than one day/time each time you sign in; 1 time slot per day during the weekday and up to two consecutive slots Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to go to the bottom of the page and click submit to reserve your spots.
  • If you want to play in your own group, every individual must sign up, if a spot is taken, you can always swap spots with a player in the court, make sure to be respectful when doing so.
  • If a court has a slot open after your scheduled time is over, you will be ok to continue playing as long as the playing time doesn’t exceed closure of the premises.
  • If you see an open slot available always make a reservation, don’t drive to the courts and assume you be able to play.
  • You can arrive 15 minutes before your schedule time. Make sure to release your court once your schedule time is over. For the last slot of the night, make sure to give yourself time to help take down nets and divider net (if nobody is scheduled to play after your time slot, please take down equipment).
  • Signing Up will help Marysville Pickleball Club adhere to Marysville’s School District requests and allow us to have a place to play during winter, breaking the rules will lead to closure of courts.

Marysville Middle School 

4923 67th St NE, Marysville, WA 98270

  • During the weekday use the south entrance and make sure to use designated parking spots. Check the map for location of equipment bin and courts location. During the weekend, please park by the tennis courts on the west side and cut across the fields.
  • Equipment box is located inside a fenced area, use the same code as cedar crest for the lock.
  • The 3 black bins have the divider net, use the step ladder to reach the hooks for it. Hook both ends first and then connect the nets, this will make it easier, same for take down.
  • Click here for location of courts and equipment Marysville Middle courts
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