Fall Ladder League

please read league info before signing up

Fall 2021 Ladder League Information and Rules

  • The Ladder League is going to be a 7-week long event with one match scheduled per week.
  • Sign up will open for 24 players. If you cannot commit to play at least 5 matches,PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP! You can be considered for use as a substitute player.
  • There will be 2 different groups of 12 players each, grouped by skill level. Ladder group placement will be determined by league committee.
  • The players in each group will be positioned one through 12 (12 rungs on the ladder).
  • First week of league will be a Round Robin for positioning.
  • Scheduled League play will be held Saturdays at Marysville Middle School (MMS).
  • Group A ladder will play from 8:30 to noon / Group B ladder will play 10:30 to 4:30 (or until last game is played).
  • A match will consist of 4 players playing a round-robin with each other twice, for a total of 3 games played. 
  • Each game will be played to 15, winning by 2.
  • At the end of the match, scores are to be reported to the League director(s) via the Club website.
  • All scores must be reported prior to Wednesday so the ladder positions can be updated and posted.
  • Groupings for the upcoming week’s will be posted on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled league day.
  • If you cannot play on the scheduled league day, you will be responsible for arranging a new date and time to play the match with your foursome prior to (and including) Tuesday of the following week. All players must agree to the new date and time. If a new date/time cannot be arranged, the player initially needing the change must request a substitute player.
  • You may request a substitute for up to 2 matches. Any player using a substitute will automatically be moved down the ladder for the next week, regardless of the performance of the substitute. 
  • Once all scores are posted, positions on the ladder will be re-populated. Within each group of 4 players, the top 2 will move up the ladder, the bottom 2 will move down the ladder. The top 2 players in the highest foursome and the bottom 2 players in the lowest foursome will not move from their respective groups, only possible repositioning based on results.

The factors considered in which players move up/down are, in order:

1)  Win-Loss record in the 3 games played

2)  Total Points Scored in the match

3)  Head-to-Head results in the match

4)  Head-to-Head Total Points Scored in the match

5)  Ladder Positioning at start of match, (Higher player moves up, lower player moves down)

  • If a match is not played, all four members of that group will be moved down the ladder.
  • Final standings will be determined based on ladder standings and points won at the end of the league.

At the end of the 7 weeks, the top three players in each ladder will receive recognition in the form of a prize.